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Understanding the No Win No Fee Whiplash Injury Claims Procedure

You need to understand the whiplash injury claims process in order to file a no win no fee claim for your injury. By reading this article, you will be more informed as to the process of filing for your whiplash injury. First, there are things you must do and deadlines you must meet in order to file for compensation for whiplash. Here are some of those things:

• Be sure you file right away for compensation for whiplash. Insurance companies have deadlines for filing claims. Unfortunately, whiplash injuries don’t always begin hurting immediately. And, if your neck throbs a bit 14 hours after a fender bender, you may not be too worried about it. The thing is, if this happens, you need to get seen by a doctor right away; this can be a classic indicator of whiplash. Luckily, most insurance companies have over a week before their filing whiplash injury claims deadline hits. If you do not feel unusual pain or stiffness in your neck, headaches, or dizziness within a week, you more than likely do not have whiplash.Claims Procedure

• Make sure you visit a doctor or specialist that 1) has a great reference list, 2) knows how to diagnose whiplash injuries, 3) also knows how to treat whiplash, 4) can provide treatment or medicine in an approved method, 5) knows how important it is to file and document everything regarding your injury for whiplash injury claims, and 6) is capable and trusted by you to record all of your medical information. Insurance claims and courts alike are very strict in this regard for whiplash injury claims; there are fraudulent whiplash injury claims every year – hundreds, if not thousands, of them.

• Keep your medical records recent. By having a doctor who understands the importance of this task, you may also be entitled to more compensation in whiplash injury claims. If your whiplash is getting noticeably worse and your doctor documents it, your compensation will probably be higher, as you will more than likely be out of work longer.

• Although you may not feel up to snuff, it is very important that after any incident that may have injured you, you contact the police. They will make a detailed report of who was at fault, and witness accounts, whether you were in pain at the time of the accident, etc. A reliable police report could be one of the handiest and most important things to have next to you while filing for your whiplash injury claims.

Keep track of all the documents pertaining to the accident, get all the witnesses you can, hire yourself a “no win no fee” solicitor (this way, you don’t have to pay anything), and file your claim within the time limit given by the insurance company. Report anything to do with your injury, no matter how small it may seem. Reports show that over 40% of people with whiplash injuries develop arthritis within 5 years of sustaining the injury. If you file your whiplash injury claims as soon as you possibly can, you can get compensation for the pay you’ll be missing from work, for your car, and for pain and suffering. This also covers any private medical bills. With a no win no fee solicitor, you have nothing to worry about in filing for compensation for whiplash.

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