We Have The Best Solicitors To Deal With Criminal Compensation

Some innocent victims of crimes are not aware that they can receive criminal compensation if they were caught up in a situation that is not their fault. The best solicitors know of state and federal resources that can provide their clients with the highest compensation for their loss; which can include emotional, mental and physical injuries. Many of these types of lawyers are members of association boards that are dedicated to helping victims of crimes. These lawyers also know what steps to take to file claims and how to get money for medical expenses as well. The victim’s dependents can also receive money for their pain if the homicide was involved.

Any person who has suffered a physical injury as a result of a crime can file a claim for criminal compensation. Other people who can file claims include; anyone who is the surviving spouse or child or a homicide victim, anyone who was dependent on the homicide victim for support or anyone who has taken the responsibility of paying for the victim’s funeral expenses. One of the stipulations to filing a claim is that the victim (or surviving dependent of the victim) must report the crime to the police within 48 hours of it happening. The victim must also have a loss over $100 in expenses (out of pocket) or have lost wages from not being able to go to work.

The best solicitors know exactly how much can be awarded to their clients. Most medical expenses can be covered up to $45,000 and disability up to $25,000. The average funeral expense is around $6,000, however, insurance will cover at least $5,000. If the client was a dependent of the victim (such as a child or elderly woman), they can file up to $25,000. Partial dependency is around $17,000. If the client had to receive psychological assistance for their pain and suffering (this would include going to a psychologist or therapist), they can get up to $5,000. If the client has a combination of claims, they will not be able to receive more than $45,000. So even the best solicitors can only win up to $45,000 per client that they represent.

Any victim that is seeking criminal compensation should make sure to file within three years from the date the death or crime took place. There are also other stipulations for persons who went through child abuse (the lawyer should have more information about this)

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